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Video Productions

What is the typical lead-time for my video production projects?
– Depending on the complexity of your video, it typically ranges from 3 to 14 working days.

What is the typical response time for each video revision?
– Your dedicated B3 producer will respond to your enquiry or brief within 1 working day.
Typical revisions require 3-5 working days for the video team to respond, depending
on the level of complexity and quantity of videos.

What are the cancellation policies for video shoots?
– You can postpone the shoot to another day within the same month without needing to cancel the shoot.
Please note that postponing of shoots requires a lead time of 48 hours minimally. If postponed within 48 hours,
the shoot day is considered as consumed for the month’s allocation.

What is the lead time needed to arrange for a video shoot?
– The minimal lead time for arranging for your shoots can be as short as 48 hours,
subjected to availability of personnel and studio. Please book your shoot days as far ahead as
possible to get the best slots =)

Are there sourcing and managing support for Talents & Influencers?
– Yes! We provide sourcing and managing of Talents & Influencers as an add on service.
Please speak to our friendly producer for prices if you require this service.

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