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Friends of Instant Replay

Xpresso warmly welcome you to join us as FRIENDS OF INSTANT REPLAY!

As Singapore’s leading mass communication provider, specialising in CORPORATE VIDEOS and ANIMATION since 1990, we have been building friends through Business Networking activities.

We hope Xpresso, can be an IDEAL PARTNER for YOU. Here’s what we envision.

A cost-effective service provider to engage, educate and enrich YOUR potential customers, hence generating business through trust build on every day communication and promises with audio visuals.

Xpresso listens and work strongly with our clients to create affordable, social media videos, animation branding strategies for the social media arena and the business environment that garners results. Imagine, collaboration in short-films, documentaries, funny real life incidents or even full-features movies.

A community platform that allows individuals and enterprises to be part of Instant Replay. Together, we to spread the goodness and inspires others, building a strong and resilience world.

Please note, you need not be a customer to be a FRIENDS OF INSTANT REPLAY, but we will still warmly welcome you because you never know, you could take part in our productions or even be a member of of our future video club!

Why wait? Limited seats available for FREE Lifetime membership.

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For further enquiries, you may wish to email us at: [email protected]

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